FITNESS which means being healthy and having a proper body structure, will make you feel revitalized and will increase your self-confidence by taking care of your body with the help of our professional sport trainers, who will help you keep your body fit. Our Fitness Center is outfitted with the latest equipment – we’ll be glad to welcome you here.


‘’Massage’’ is a word that has a origin in the French rooted word, means a relaxation with attitude, this treatment will boost your circulation and give you a deep tissue and muscular as well. Even in ancient times it was known many benefits of massage. Massage is available all over the world with tradition, many developing countries and regions. In depth and sensitive massage that is muscle relaxing and removing the stress. With light or strong touches the blood circulation is quickened up, and it is conducted to suite varying needs. All of your tense areas from head to toe are determined and relaxed. With the guidance of expert therapists in our center massage therapy to suit you refreshed and you will be able to feel better yourself


Ottoman bath is a major Turkish tradition which 1000 years splendor get by scrubbing and in the grandeur of the marble massage ,begins from ottomans till today. You can feel massage and detoxification effect. You will enjoy the taste of exotic aromas and the prevailing heat in an atmosphere that was enjoyed by the ancient sultans. In a hamam, you leave your daily life outside. That is an effective way of cleaning, but also is very relaxing, making you feel good.


Our sauna that has been different and special designed,is a enjoble place for our guests to throw the tiredness of the day where you will enable to feel pampered, relaxed and feel the far east breeze.


We are at your disposal in order to make you feel yourself renewed and specially to have maintenance experience with specific treatments to suit your skin. Verwöhnen Sie sich In Gesicht Feuchtigkeitsspendend , Anti - Aging, Hautstraffung, geben Sauerstoffmangel in der Körperpflege sowie Pflege, Straffung und Entspannungsanwendungen.


You can throw the fatigue of the day in the indoor pool and feel far eastern breeze accompanied by our professionals at our SPA center where we have been designed specially for our valued guests